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    A study of odour parameters for different bait types used in the toothfish fishing in CCAMLR area

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    O.Y. Krasnoborodko
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    Dr Svetlana Kasatkina (Russian Federation)
    Approved By:
    Dr Svetlana Kasatkina (Russian Federation)

    The paper studies the dynamics of odor release for different types of bait (squid, fish) . The direct spectrophotometric registration was used for the quantitative determination of proteins realized from baits in seawater. It has been shown nonlinear characteristics of odor release in water. An active release occurs twice - during the first three days and after nine-ten days after beginning of the exposition. The use of baits with different times of “preparation” and composition (squid, fish, mixed), could allow vessels to vary the temporal parameters of the odor release over a wide range and should be taken into account under standardizing CCAMLR toothfish research  as well as  for  understanding  possible effect on different types of bait to CPUE variability.