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    Workshop on Climate Change
    Cambridge, UK and Wellington, New Zealand
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    Submissions Due
    Monday, 21 August 2023 - 09:00 Australia/Hobart (Working Group Paper)

      Preliminary Agenda

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      1     Expected effects and risks of climate change on Antarctic Marine Living Resources

      Day 1 encompasses both observed and predicted climate change effects on Antarctic marine living resources (AMLR), combined effects/risks of climate change and fisheries, and climate change risks for fisheries. Papers are encouraged that summarise i) relevant climate change information, ii) application of this to AMLR and the CCAMLR context and iii) approaches to measure and predict the effects of climate change on AMLR, and implications for fisheries. The papers and discussion should enable relevant climate change effects on AMLR to be identified together with scientific research priorities and needs. 

      1.1     Workshop opening: welcome, workshop structure, housekeeping, adoption of agenda
      1.2     Invited presentation: Climate change and Antarctic Marine Living Resources (Dr
      Jess Melbourne-Thomas and Dr Tom Bracegirdle)
      1.3     Climate change effects on harvested species
      1.4     Climate change effects on dependent and related species
      1.5     Summary of the discussion
      1.6     Close
      2     Spatial management approaches to ensure objective of the Convention is met

      Day 2 is focused on identifying and discussing potential approaches to integrate climate change considerations into the management of AMLR. Papers that consider how climate change effects are or could be addressed by management both inside and outside the Convention Area are welcome. The papers and discussion should provide examples of potential management actions.

      2.1     Day 1 plenary report summary
      2.2     Invited presentation: Climate change and management approaches for marine living
      resources (Dr Anne Hollowed)
      2.3     Climate change considerations for CCAMLR’s management approach
      2.4     Specific climate change considerations for spatial management
      2.5     Summary of the discussion
      2.6     Close
      3     Information, including monitoring and metrics, needed to support management decisions, and mechanisms to develop and integrate these

      Day 3 is focused on the mechanisms to improve acquisition, input, and use, of climate-relevant scientific information into CCAMLR’s work programme. Papers that consider information, including data collection, monitoring and metrics, needed to support CCAMLR’s management decisions, and ways to integrate these into CCAMLR’s Scientific Committee work processes are welcome. The papers and discussion should enable mechanisms to structure and integrate climate change information into CCAMLR procedures to be identified, together with priorities and implementation needs.  

      3.1     Day 2 plenary report summary
      3.2     Climate change information needed to support management decisions
      3.3     Mechanisms to improve input, and use of, relevant scientific information and advice
      on climate change throughout CCAMLR’s work program
      3.4     Summary of the discussion
      3.5     Close
      4     Report drafting
      5     Report adoption

      Outline of 5-day regional hub workshop structure

        Days 1 to 3 Day 4 Day 5
      NZ Hub (Wellington)

      2100 to 0000 UTC 3 to 5 September (0900 to 1200 NZST on 4 to 6 September)

      7 September No meeting Report review

      8 September
      1000 to 1300 UTC

      Report adoption

      UK Hub (Cambridge)



      0600 to 0900 UTC 4 to 6 September (0700 to 1000 BST on 4 to 6 September)


      1000 to 1200 UTC 4 to 6 September